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PSY brings 'Gangnam Style' to the United Nations

South Korean singer Psy practises some 'Gangnam Style' dance steps with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the UN headquarters Photo: Reuters

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon met fellow countryman and global popstar PSY for some 'Gangnam Style' dancing at the UN headquarters in New York last night.

Ban Ki-Moon thanked PSY for coming to the UN with "such a big crowd" of reporters and said he was a "a bit jealous" that he was no longer the most famous Korean in the world.

Psy’s song 'Gangnam Style', which he says is a comment on consumerism, went viral across the world and has been viewed more than 530 million times since it was released in mid-July.

Mr Ban said:

Until two days ago someone told me I am the most famous Korean in the world. Now I have to relinquish.

The UN chief said he wanted to work with his fellow country man to engage with young people across the world and make them aware of the work of the UN.

He said PSY was "so cool" he could end global warming:

I think the music can play a very important role.

I hope that we can work together using your global reach.

You are so cool, I think you can help end global warming.

The 34-year-old popstar said the meeting was a highlight of his career, and a momentous occasion in his life:

This is for me, this like really huge moment of my life. And for all the Koreans like, he is the guy in our - in everyone's heart in Korea.

Unbelievable, really, this is much better feeling than when I reached number two on Billboard [the US pop chart.]

The UN Secretary General was complimented on his 'Gangnam Style' rhythm as he revealed he would consider using his new moves to relieve tension:

We have tough negotiations in the United Nations.

In such a case I was also thinking of playing ‘Gangnam Style’ so that everybody would stop and dance.