Rumours and hard facts in the race for the White House

Rumours are flying:

  • Donald Trump is going to make an announcement later today that will change the race.
  • President Obama has given up on North Carolina.
  • Democrats are pulling money and staff out of Florida.
  • Republicans think they have a shot at winning Pennsylvania.
  • Obama is now reduced to defending his firewall, Ohio.

Some of the rumours are likely to be hype and nothing more (Trump); some may be true (North Carolina); the rest are psychological warfare designed by Republicans to create a media narrative that Romney has momentum.

So let's take a deep breath and remember we have 13 days left before election day.

Obama in Ohio, where he can't afford to lose Credit: RTV

The third and final debate on Monday night helped Obama.

I know several undecided voters in Florida who emailed me afterwards to say they were now in the President's column.

But Mitt Romney is better placed for the final sprint than he could possibly have imagined a month ago.

However, he still has to overcome one major problem: Ohio.

Without winning Ohio, Romney is most unlikely to get to the White House.

His opposition to the bailout of the car industry has damaged him here.

So just like in 2000 and 2004, watch Ohio like a hawk.

Once more, the voters here hold the keys to the White House.