What is it with energy policy?

Energy policy is complicated. Energy kit is expensive and takes a long time to build. And energy prices and types of generation can be politically toxic.

But as the Energy Bill approaches (the latest likely date is the 19th of November I am told) the government seems less and less able to stick to its story.

What is it with energy policy? Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

The Prime Minister's claim that they would force firms to put consumers on the lowest tariff unravelled. Yesterday a different government minister admitted it was an 'intent' not a policy. And no sooner had the successful announcement of the sale of a major nuclear project been announced than a different minister signalled the death knell of wind farms on shore that have not yet been agreed.

This morning that is 'clarified' as not being any change in policy. But can I the only one starting to wonder if they will ever actually be able to agree and stick to what to put in the bill? It might almost be entertaining if it did not matter so much.