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Robot copies Psy's Gangnam Style dance moves

Psy's Gangnam Style dance moves have been performed by the cast of Glee, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and drunk revellers across the globe - with varying degrees of success.

But now a robot has joined that list and won an award for its imitation.

The machine won the single dance title at a competition in Hangzhou, China, beating 30 other contestants from six universities.

The main criteria for grading the competition were "costume design, choreography, coordination of the programme and music", according to one contestant.

The designer of the Gangnam Style dancing robot, Zhao Sheng, said:

Gangnam Style is quite a popular online video recently, and it is favoured by many people, we also think that this song is quite creative, so we decided to use this song as the background music.

Gangnam Style by Psy has become a global sensation since being released on YouTube in July, with over 600 million views.