US unemployment rate rise offers Romney a boost

The US presidential election is 6 November, but early-voting is underway Photo: Reuters/Rick Wilking

There's a boost for Romney and a blow for Obama as the US unemployment rate edges up.

It fell last month to 7.8 percent. Things looked good for Obama. The jobless figure was falling consistently and had finally gone below eight percent. Now it has edged up again to 7.9.

Now, 0.1 percent may seem a very small figure, but it will allow Romney days of political capital, enabling him to take swipes at Obama on the crucial issue of this election, the economy.

It may still not win him the election but, still behind in the polls, he needs all the help he can get.

As he heads to Ohio, the key battleground of this election and a state where jobs are the big issue, listen for the sound bites from Romney about the rise in the numbers of jobless.