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Improvised rockets target Syrian air bases

Smoke rises from Taftanaz airport during clashes between President Bashar al-Assad's forces and the Free Syrian Army near Idlib Photo: REUTERS/ Abdalghne Karoof

Bombing raids in Syria were the start of one of their more concentrated attacks on military power, according to rebels.

Using what are described as improvised rockets, fighters aimed at one of the countries most strategic air bases in Taftanaz.

There is no way of verifying how effective the onslaught was, but the base is used by government helicopter gunships, which have been mounting regular attacks on rebel strongholds.

The mere fact that rebels can mount such an offensive, suggests they have the weapons and the capability to take on government forces on their own territory.

Control of airspace is crucial to the regime's survival.

Observers say president Assad's forces appear to be increasingly overstretched, even in their ability to use air power especially in the north around Aleppo.

Rebels say they are now involved in a push to cut off Syria's biggest city from the seat of government and secure a vital north-south corridor.

It could though be days or even weeks before the out come is clear.

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