Romney's aides confident election is winnable

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

Mitt Romney's aides are confident they can win this election, but the man himself is much more difficult to read.

His aides say there is a path to victory, and it comes down to two things: One is a sliver of independent, undecided voters, in a handful of states. The second is election day turnout.

Mitt Romney has been joined by his sons (right) on the campaign trail. Credit: ITV News

It is generally recognised that the Obama campaign has a better ground campaign, so it will be difficult for Romney.

He spent far too much time in Virginia, a state he should be winning. Also in Ohio (he's going there right now), he has been behind in every poll since the campaign began.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney gives a thumbs up to the cheering crowd before delivering a speech in West Allis, Wisconsin Credit: Brian Snyder / Reuters

Astonishingly, he's going today Ohio tomorrow right after he votes.

He's also going to Pennsylvania, which smacks slightly of desperation.

But they say every vote, in every battleground state, may count.

Remember, in 2000 George W. Bush won Florida and the presidency by just 537 votes.