In an unprecedented move, Mitt Romney continues campaigning on polling day

Mitt Romney hugs his wife Ann at the final rally of the campaign Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

As a boy, Mitt Romney followed his father around Michigan. His father George was the Governor. And Mitt was smitten with politics. His father ran for the Presidency,spoke his mind about the war in Vietnam and didn't get through his party's primaries.

Six years ago Mitt Romney made his first bid for the Presidency. He failed to get through his party's primaries.

Today Romney cast the most important vote of his life. For himself. This may be the final day of the Romney family odyssey.

By his side this morning,as she has been throughout the campaign, his wife Ann.

"How are you feeling?" Someone shouted after he had cast his vote

"Very good. Very good."

Another question "Who'd you vote for?"

Romney;"I think you know."

We have to assume he voted for himself. He won't win in the state. He was voting in bedrock Democrat Massachusetts. It's next door that counts.

New Hampshire, where he has a house and where his campaign began, is a crucial swing state. If Al Gore had spent more time here George Bush would never have been elected President and the world would have been spared the month long trauma of ballot re-counting in Florida, and a few other things.

Romney's last rally was in New Hampshire- a raucous event with 12,000 people and a rock band.

"These last months of our campaign", he told them, "have seen the gathering of strength of a real movement across this country".

He's right - there is more of a sense of hope, of movement here than there was in John McCain's failed campaign four years ago.

But Romney needs New Hampshire.

He also needs Ohio. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning there.

He's off to Ohio this afternoon; campaigning on polling day, almost unheard of. "Do you feel good about Ohio?" a reporter shouted to him this morning. "Yeah I feel great about Ohio" he said - he never gives much away or drops that oh-so-formal mask.

"Thank you."

And off he strode,a candidate in search of the dream.

"Dream,and dream big" his father once told him. His father couldn't quite realise the dream.

Mitt believes it's in his grasp. Implausible two months ago and still unlikely, it's not impossible that Romney could live his father's dream and become America's 45th President.

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