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Pavement level propaganda in China: No voting, no campaigning

Long Li Hua and her husband Zhang Xingjian say 'we don't have human rights' Photo: ITV News

Long Li Hua and her husband Zhang Xingjian live just a couple of miles from the Great Hall of the People in Beijing where the ruling communist party is holding its leadership ceremony, but their ramshackle home is a long way from the grand ceremony which will see new leaders unveiled on Thursday.

Zhang Xingjian is an ex-soldier, and his wife works as a street sweeper, they are poor but proud.

In two days time the leadership in their country will change, but there is no voting and no campaigning.

We have no chance to see them, who can you see? If you try to go to see the leaders they will arrest you, do people have human rights? No we don't have human rights.

– Long Li Hua

While ITV News China Correspondent Angus Walker met the couple and filmed in their home there were unexpected visitors, local party security volunteers, keen to show the cameras that they 'try and help everybody.'