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The weekend’s weather is a tale of two halves

The weekend starts wet and ends sunny, plus turning colder for all of us. Photo: PA Wire

This weekend’s weather is a tale of two halves.

Friday’s weather front, that will have given a wet day for Scotland and Northern Ireland, will move south and bump into an old weak weather front in Northern England (this has been with us all week and gave the grey and damp conditions to Northern Ireland and Western Scotland, pesky thing won’t go away). The two will join forces and move south through Saturday.

An area of low pressure will sit to our north bringing a north-westerly wind, this will drag colder, but more importantly sunnier conditions across the country. Sunday looks more promising, high pressure builds from the west, this will push the rain away and give a drier end to the weekend.

What does this mean for me?


Scotland and Northern Ireland will be ‘post front’. This means turning colder with a day of sunshine and scattered showers, heaviest in the north and west with snow over 300m. Feeling cold in the wind.

England and Wales will be cloudy and wet start for all. The bad news is south east England and East Anglia will stay that way all day long; dull, grey and wet! Good news for the rest of England and Wales, things will get better. Yes, it’ll be cloudy and damp to start but that will sink away during the morning revealing sunnier, colder skies for the afternoon.


During the early hours our friend high pressure returns pushing away the wet and windy low. The blanket of cloud will be gone, so temperatures will tumble and we will wake up to a widespread frost.

By day we will all have beautiful autumn sunshine, so different to Saturday. While there will be a few showers in the north and west, some heavy with the risk of hail, for many it will be dry. Wrap up if your heading out, it will feel colder, especially in the north in the blustery wind.

Beware another area of low pressure will come, charging in from the Atlantic to give a wet and windy start to next week.

So the weekend starts wet and ends sunny, plus turning colder for all of us.