Strikes on Gaza a dark reminder of the realities of warfare

A Palestinian man reacts at the scene of an Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza City Photo: REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

It has been a really black day here in Gaza. A terrible reminder - as if one were needed - that in warfare there is rarely such a thing as a precision strike.

This report contain distressing images from the start:

Israeli says it is going out of its way to protect civilians.

It says it has dropped leaflets here and sent text messages warning people to stay away from what it calls "terrorist targets".

But what do you do if the terrorist target is living by you cheek-by-jowl? There are no bomb shelters here and certainly no early warning systems.

Israel may be ramping up the pace of its air attacks because it believes a ceasefire is imminent. An Israeli negotiating team has been in Cairo today.

Certainly the message from America and from the Arab world is that nobody wants this to escalate into a full-blown ground conflict.

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