Gender and geography gaps show equal pay is a myth

The latest figures show t here is a still a large gap between pay and job opportunities for women and men Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Winning

So here's the pay deal.

Overall average pay has grown 1.5% over the last year - so allowing for inflation we have all had a pay cut. £26,500 is now the national average pay.

The gender pay gap is now 9.6% - so despite all the policies and promises there remains a yawning divide in earnings.

If I look back at last year's gender gap it was 10.5%, so you could be an optimist and say things are getting better.

Yet these figures are an indication that work opportunities and career choices are still significantly different between the sexes.

It is not the only pay inequality - there is also a geographic gap.

Gross weekly earnings for full-time employees were highest in London (£653) and lowest in Wales (£453).