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Plans for garden cities built on ideas of the past

Nick Clegg says the next generation of garden cities should "draw inspiration" from the past - using new towns Milton Keynes and Stevenage as examples.


In the 1960s the Government looked beyond London to relieve housing congestion. Milton Keynes was designated as one of its new towns because of its equal distance between cities such as London, Birmingham and Oxford.

Milton Keynes came up with the idea of using postcodes on it signposts in the 1970s Credit: Press Association
How the first housing estates looked in the newly developed Milton Keynes Credit: Press Association
Developers also planned areas of trees and open space among the housing estates Credit: Press Association
Created in 1978 by artist Liz Leyh, the cows were once cynically said to symbolise a new town consisting entirely of concrete Credit: Press Association


Stevenage is located between the two garden cities of Letchworth and Welwyn. It's population saw a significant rise after in the 1950s and 60s after the government designated it a new town.

The Queen visiting a new home during her visit of Stevenage in 1959 Credit: Press Association
A newly-built church was made to match the purpose-built 1960s shopping centre in Stevenage Credit: Press Association