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Wet and windy conditions sweep across the country

A man walks along the Ouse York, North Yorkshire, amid serious flood alerts. Photo: Press Association

Rain, heavy at times, will continue to fall through the rest of the day, causing some localised flooding, and poor visibility on the roads.

Wind will strengthen as well, with gusts peaking at 55-60 mph after midnight, adding to the risk on the roads.

Runners brave the elements in York, North Yorkshire this morning. Credit: Press Association

Tomorrow morning will be dry though as the rain clears around midnight, but it will still be very windy.

Sunny spells early on will be replaced by cloudier weather through the afternoon, however the wind will ease.

Later in the day there is a chance of a little showery rain. Temperatures will reach 12C.

More rain on Monday, and it will feel colder as well.

In fact turning colder through the week with an increasing risk of frosts by night, and a little rain by day.

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