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Amy Winehouse portrait goes on display

Amy-Blue is painted in hues of blue and black Photo: Marlene Dumas/PA Wire

A painting of Amy Winehouse has gone on display at the National Portrait Gallery.

Amy-Blue captures the Back To Black singer looking down and is painted in hues of blue and black.

Cropped around her head, it was painted shortly after Winehouse died in July last year at the age of 27.

The gallery's curator said the picture's "rich, translucent blues... allude to Amy Winehouse's musical influences as much as to the melancholy details of her career."

Amy Winehouse surrounded by cameras in 2008 Credit: Reuters

The singer's father, Mitch Winehouse, said:

It is a fantastic piece of work and we are fascinated to know how Amy was seen and remembered by family, friends and artists of all kinds.

With the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Amy is our inspiration and it is profoundly moving to find that she still inspires so many others too.

– Mitch Winehouse

The gallery's director, Sandy Nairne, said Marlene Dumas's painting was an "important portrait of an influential singer and songwriter."