Current deputy is favourite for Bank of England top job

Paul Tucker has been deputy Governor since March 2009. Photo: PA

For the first time ever candidates for the job of Governor of the Bank of England had to submit their CVs and go through a rather more prosaic interview process than the traditional City tap on the shoulder.

But the choice is expected, although not certain, to be more traditional.

Paul Tucker, the current deputy Governor at Threadneedle Street, despite being tangled up in the row over rate rigging at Barclays, is widely seen as the front runner for the job, which will have even more responsibility than it already does.

Some people even think the job will be too big for any one man (or woman) to take on, as the Bank is getting new powers over the City, in addition to its current role.

There were calls for an outsider to be found to shake up the Grey Lady of Threadneedle Street and to take on this almost impossible job.

But the bookies have stopped taking bets on Mr Tucker.

We'll know for sure at 3.30.