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Britain's Deadly Gun Trade

Agnes Sina-Inakoju, an innocent victim of the illegal firearms trade Photo: Family photo

When two unarmed female police officers were shot dead in Manchester back in September, the nation was horrified. Since then, the Government has pledged to to crack down on the trade in illegal firearms in a bid to keep guns off our streets.

Shots were fired at a police helicopter during last year's riots Credit: West Midlands Police

The special Tonight investigation looks at how guns are finding their way into the hands of criminals and uncovers a new internet-based supply route that could see the numbers of illegal weapons in circulation rise dramatically.

Reporter Fiona Foster meets the family of 16-year-old Agnes Sina-Inakoju, an innocent victim of gun crime who was caught in crossfire and shot dead by feuding gang members in a takeaway in east London. Their intended target was a teenage boy from a rival gang.

We also meet police officers who risk their lives everyday protecting the public.

Tonight: Britain's Deadly Gun Trade is on ITV1 on November 29th at 7.30pm

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