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Exclusive: Press victim: 'Disaster' if Cameron ignores Leveson

Christopher Jefferies is one victim who has been pilloried in the press.

He was arrested and questioned in connection with the murder of his tenant Joanna Yeates and released without charge.

However, that didn't stop some newspapers vilifying him. He won substantial libel damages from eight newspapers following their coverage of his arrest

Mr Jefferies wants to see a system in place where the press are held to account by a body which has legal authority and holds genuine powers.

He says he would feel "let down" if David Cameron fails to implement the Leveson report in full, warning it would be a "disaster" if he did not.

Christopher Jefferies spoke exclusively to Steve Scott.

Madeleine McCann's mother Kate said today she hoped the Leveson report would "mark the start of a new era" for the press. Read more from the McCanns and other press victims here.

Lord Justice Leveson has split the coalition. He wants independent regulation of newspapers, guaranteed in law, with hefty sanctions for breaches. David Cameron warned that would shackle a free press. But his Deputy Nick Clegg wants the law to protect citizens from media excess, and Labour agrees. Read more about the political fallout here.