Jet launch inspired 'carrier-style' online craze grips China

China's first aircraft carrier took off for test flights last week. Photo: CCTV / Reuters

Set to the pumping beat of Psy's 'Gangnam Style', internet videos featuring a new style of dance move are turning a Chinese craze into a patriotic phenomenon.

Last week China's first aircraft carrier, the 'Liaoning' carried out flight tests. Fighters successfully managed to land and take off from the flagship's deck for the first time.

One pose caught the eye and the mood of the nation: the crewmen who signalled to the pilot to hit the throttle and thunder off into the air. They were filmed with their back to camera, crouching down on one knee pointing down the flight deck.

A pose now being copied across China.

The 'carrier-style' pose sweeping China Credit: CCTV / Reuters

People have been posting their versions of the 'take off' signal in their tens of thousands, at work, at home, in the street, in groups and in front of the telly showing the jet actually taking off.

The 'carrier-style' pose sweeping China's social networking site Weibo Credit: CCTV / Reuters

t's all a bit of a laugh, but behind all the fun, the viral silliness, the pictures seem to be pointing out that China's rising national pride is being captured in the images.

A girl does the 'carrier-style' pose Credit: CCTV / Reuters

The Liaoning is the country's first aircraft carrier, that's a huge step forward for the navy and the nation. Even if the ship is a refitted ex Ukrainian vessel.

The aircraft filmed taking off is a new type of fighter, designed to be able to take on similar US warplanes, in fact many say it's a complete rip off of USAF aircraft.

The crewman's pose could almost be signalling that the country itself is taking off.

A girl does the 'carrier-style' pose Credit: CCTV/ Reuters