1. ITV Report

The Day in Pictures: 29 November 2012

London, England

Protesters dressed as David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch.

Protesters depicting a bound and gagged Prime Minister while the media mogul burned a copy of the Leveson Report. Credit: PA

Cambridge, England

The Duchess of Cambridge reacts to a floral gift outside the University.

The Duchess of Cambridge is handed a bouquet of flowers outside Senate House during the couple's first visit to the city since they married. Credit: PA

Lisbon, Portugal

Portuguese dockers throw firecrackers during a protest in front of parliament in Lisbon.

Dockers in a demonstration against the new law for port workers in Portugal. Credit: Reuters

Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

Troops unload Christmas gifts.

Camp Bastion troops unload Christmas mail from the UK, as well-wishers are urged to stop sending Christmas presents. Credit: PA

Ramallah, West Bank

A child wears a keffiyeh headdress during a rally in Ramallah.

A child during a rally supporting the resolution to change the Palestinian Authority's UN observer status to 'non-member state'. Credit: Reuters

Manchester, England

Andrew Flintoff faces boxing opponent Richard Dawson.

Andrew Flintoff poses head to head with Richard Dawson (right) following a press conference at The Hilton Hotel, Manchester. Credit: PA

Mumbai, India

Mayor of London Boris Johnson attempts the "Ball Game".

Rugby player Lawrence Dellaglio and Boris Johnson play the 'ball game' with local children involved in a charity project in Mumbai. Credit: PA