Big freeze of 2012 (no I'm not talking about the weather)

It might be called the Autumn Statement, but for most of us it will be far more wintery than that. I'm going to Liverpool to meet a panel of people all dreading different aspects of today's announcements from the Chancellor.

The Liver Building in Liverpool Credit: Press Association

One of the main predictions I keep hearing is of a big freeze on working age benefits. Not increasing welfare payments in line with inflation equals a cut. It is likely that the government would defend such a move by saying that most people with jobs have had no pay rises - so why should benefit claimants?

Two out of three workers have endured a pay freeze, with some not getting a rise since 2009 (source: USwitch Survey 2012). With inflation now running at 3.2% (RPI) this is a big burden on household finances.

I will be on air after the Chancellor's statement. After all the predictions and politics it will be a chance to hear from the people.