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Weather: Very chilly days with some wintry sunshine

The sun rises over frost covered ground in Altrincham, Cheshire. Photo: Press Association

This week prepare for some very chilly days, bitterly cold nights, but some decent periods of weak wintry sunshine.

High pressure is taking charge and it'll keep any significant precipitation at bay for the next few days, but it'll also cause a lull in the wind which'll ensure sharp frosty nights and trigger hazardous freezing fog patches that will stick around in some places for much of the day.

Fog surrounds a tree in Toft, South Cambridgeshire. Credit: Press Association

Last Thursday, Braemar in Aberdeenshire stooped to a freezing minus 13C in the dead of night and this week similar nighttime lows are a possibility.

During mid-week the temperature will struggle to reach 3C in parts of Britain during daylight hours.

Some areas that see freezing fog quite possibly won't even reach zero degrees.

Frost seen on a branch in Sawley, Nottingham. Credit: Press Association

By Thursday/Friday the high pressure is expected to break down, giving way to some rain from the west.

As you can imagine with the air sitting over the UK being so cold, we are likely to see another wintry spell of weather as the leading edge of the rain turns to snow as it collides into the cold air over the country.

There are signs that the temperature will recover by the end of the week as wet and windy weather moves in from the Atlantic.