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Botched restoration artist now auctioning original work

From left - The original Ecce Homo, the decayed work and Cecilia Gimenez's restoration. Photo: Centro de Estudios Borjanos

The woman responsible for an infamous botched restoration of a 19th century Jesus Christ fresco in Spain is auctioning an original work of her own.

The piece, entitled Las Bodegas de Borja, is an oil on canvas and was painted in 2000, according to its eBay listing.

With a starting price of €300 (£242), the piece is currently fetching upwards of €600 (£484) and has five days to go until the auction ends.

Cecilia Giminez's 2000 work Las Bodegas de Borja. Credit: eBay

Cecilia Gimenez donated the rural depiction to the Catholic charity Caritas, who have used the 80-year-old's notoriety to draw attention to the sale, referring to her restoration attempt in the listing's title.

Others are cashing in on the attention too. The Guardian reports that the Church housing the Ecce Homo remains has begun charging visitors, raising €2,000 (£1,613) in its first week.