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Witness films biker being saved from burning wreckage

A man tries to pull the rider out of the flames as others hose the burning wreckage. Photo: Network Ten/Amateur footage

The moment a motorcyclist was saved from under the burning wreckage of his bike following a nasty traffic crash has been captured on camera.

Strangers are seen ignoring their own safety to race to the rescue in the dramatic amateur footage as flames engulf the rider after a collision with a truck and a car, which also caught alight, in Australia.

One man desperately tried to free the biker, who was trapped beneath the weight of his vehicle, before being forced back by the crushing heat, as others frantically tried to hose the flames down.

As more and more people rushed to help, including the truck driver involved in the crash, the man was eventually freed and the fire extinguished.

The rider was treated for burns by ambulance crews before being flown to hospital. Credit: Network Ten/Amateur footage

Witnesses said the aftermath of the fire in Blaxland, New South Wales, was like "some sort of bomb site."

There was a car exploded, there was a truck with its grill off and there was a motorbike completely chewed, burnt beyond recognition.

– Witness

The rider was treated for burns by ambulance crews and airlifted to hospital in a serious condition. The female car driver involved in the crash also suffered burns.