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Grandson fulfilling Mandela's 'wish' at his tribal home

A cultural centre in Nelson Mandela's name will be established in his home village. Photo: ITV News

While Nelson Mandela continues to respond well to treatment in hospital, his work to change South Africa goes on through his family.

The former president set his grandson, Mandla Mandela, the task of transforming the tribal land in the Eastern Cape that he still calls home.

Mandla has shown ITV News Correspondent Martin Geissler his progress:

Mandla admitted he had other ideas for his adulthood.

But then his grandfather told him of his "wish" to see Mvezo, the village where he was born, transformed.

Mandla Mandela said he wants to build something for the next generation. Credit: ITV News

Mandla said having seen the great world statesman "humble" himself, he obeyed him instantly.

New roads have since been built and hundreds of jobs created by the ambitious project.

The Mandela family hope the small village of Mzezo will be transformed. Credit: ITV News