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Ice accommodation: Norway's Snow hotel opens

A troll ice sculpture Photo: EBU

A snow hotel re-opened its icy doors in Kirkenes, Norway.

The annual event sees guests wrapped up warm in their glistening rooms and each year the hotel is made with a new theme.

It's fantastic, it's so creative. The artistic work is beautiful. It's lovely - it's completely unique and so different.

– Valery Humpreys, Guest at the Snow Hotel
Guests can sleep in the Snow Hotel but have to wrapped up warm Credit: EBU
Some of the troll carvings Credit: EBU

This year the theme is trolls. Inside the hotel walls Chinese artists have carved troll related art in the ice and snow structure.

A bedroom in the Snow Hotel Credit: EBU

It's like a dream with all the scenery, it's like a cartoon.

– Alan Canon, Guest at the Snow Hotel
The hotel bar where gusts can enjoy a tall frosty one Credit: EBU

The Christmas and New Year weekends are high season for this particular hotel. It is open for sightseers to have a tour and appreciate the chilly bar as well as for cold sleepovers for the more adventurous.