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The 7 tips that will help you reduce your car insurance

Women are set for a car insurance price hike with the new rules. Photo:

With the new gender equality insurance rules coming into force today, here are seven tips from the Association of British Insurers on how to reduce your car insurance.

  • 1. Shop around - get quotes from different insurers, use a broker or comparison websites. Do not just buy on price but on the policy best suited to your needs and make sure you check the details of the cover.
  • 2. Make sure your vehicle is secure. Discounts are often available when an approved alarm or immobiliser is fitted. Parking your car in a garage overnight can also reduce costs.
  • 3. Paying a higher voluntary excess, which is the first part of any claim that you pay yourself, can mean a lower premium.
  • 4. Limit the amount you use your car. Using your vehicle in connection with any business ramps up the cost, so limit use to social, domestic and pleasure purposes if possible.
  • 5. If you are a young driver consider taking the Pass Plus course, which helps people to drive more safely. Some insurers may offer lower premiums for completing the course.
  • 6. Pay the premium in one go if you can afford to. You may be charged by paying in instalments.
  • 7. Choose a lower powered car. Lower engine sizes often mean lower premiums.

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