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White Christmas looks unlikely with more wet weather on the way

With more unsettled conditions expected, there's little chance of a white Christmas Photo: John Giles/PA Wire

The weekend is here and all our thoughts are turning to Christmas, more importantly will it be a white Christmas? Plus planning ahead to go to see friends and relatives.

It’s fair to say this weeks mild wet and windy weather has been in stark contrast to last weeks bitterly cold conditions. Plus it’s set to stay.

One area of low pressure will move in from the west Friday night and be with us until boxing day keeping things unsettled.

While many of us might have been hoping for cold and snow for Christmas I think we’ll just be hoping it’s dry.

What’s the forecast for Friday travellers?

For most of England, Wales and Northern Ireland it’s an improvement drier a bit foggy but eventually getting brighter.

There will still be standing water on the roads and the risk of flooding as river will take some time to respond to Thursdays rain.

Northern and eastern England and Scotland will be wet and windy.

Especially in Eastern Scotland, here there is the risk of coastal flooding after last weeks stormy weather damages flood defences. Plus lots of spray on the roads.

Wherever you are going, road or rail check before you travel and allow extra time.


Through the early hours our next weather system pushes in from the west bringing more wet and windy weather.

England and Wales will have the heaviest rain and with saturated ground means the risk of flooding continues.

As it moves into Scotland and Northern Ireland it will become lighter and patchier.


Another weather front comes driving in through the early hours, not just heavy rain this time it will be accompanied by gales or severe gales.

Thankfully it will move through England and Wales quickly so a drier day in store.

Northern Ireland and Scotland, especially the east bear the brunt of this stormy weather and flooding is again very likely, especially in the east after last week’s flood defences were damaged.


Many people wonder what a white Christmas is.

Snow has to be seen or reported to fall at any time on Christmas day at locations chosen by the Met Office, where weather centres used to be including Aberdeen, Belfast, Cardiff and Birmingham.

To officially be a white Christmas it must snow at Buckingham palace.

The last time we had an official white Christmas was 2001.

Last time we saw snow on Christmas day was 2010 where most of the country was covered, it’s not common to have snow on Christmas day in fact it’s more likely to snow at Easter than it is at Christmas.

How about Christmas?

It's a battle between mild and cold air and for most of us mild air looks like it will win out.

For Christmas day the cold air will sit across Scotland and there will be a few showers around, so we could have a little snow, but not a white out.

The main thing is that after so much wet weather in the run up to Christmas, the day it’s self looks largely dry with sunny spells and a few showers, perhaps the driest day of the week.

The run up to New year it will stay unsettled with more wind and rain, by the end of the week and year it looks like it could turn colder.

More rain and gales mean the risk of flooding and travel disruption stays with us.

Take care on your journeys, check before you travel, and allow extra time.

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