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Indian government prepares for more anti-rape protests

A policewoman stands guard at a barricade to stop protesters, near India Gate in New Delhi Photo: Adnan Abidi / Reuters

After the death of an Indian woman who was gang raped and brutally assaulted by 6 men, New Delhi is tense and the government has urged for calm and prepares for more anti-rape protests.

The assault on the woman in New Delhi triggered nationwide protests and her death potentially threatening fresh protests in India where her case is a rallying point for women's rights.

As news of the victim's death reached New Delhi early Saturday, hundreds of policemen sealed off the high-security India Gate area in anticipation of more protests.

The area is home to the President's palace, the prime minister's office and key defence, external affairs and home ministries. The area had seen battles between protesters and police for days after the attack.

A jittery Delhi Police, eager to ensure that anti-rape protesters did not catch them by surprise, stepped up security and locked down sensitive areas of the national capital.

Once again fearing the huge surge of protesters in these areas, local government has shut down ten underground tube stations in the vicinity.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he was aware of the emotions the attack has stirred and that it was up to all Indians to ensure that the young woman's death will not have been in vain.

The body of the woman has been moved to a mortuary in the Singapore General Hospital and will be flown back to India by a chartered plane later in the day. Indian government has chartered a special Air India aircraft to Singapore to bring back the body.

Accompanied by her family, the body is expected to arrive in Delhi by Saturday night, although there is no confirmation of her funeral but sources here have said that most likely the cremation would take place on Sunday.