The rail journey into 2013 just got more expensive

This morning we were out filming at Bristol station as commuters arrived to start a new year. Many also faced new annual season ticket prices. As millions of workers head into 2013, they have found the journey much more expensive.

Today's commuter fare rises, which average 4.2%, have led to protests and anger from travellers. Many told us today that they resent higher fares without service improvements - and find it hard to cope with these increases at a time when wages are frozen.

It is a peculiarity of the fares system that some fares can go up far more the regulated 4.2% - so long as others go down.

  • An Anytime return from London to Norwich is going up 9.2% to over £107
  • An annual Canterbury to London season ticket rises 5.9% to £4,860
  • Llanelli to Swansea season fare is up 5.4% to £624
  • And a ticket from Morpeth to Newcastle sees a 5% rise - to £1,008

(source: Passenger Focus)

Answering union and passenger protests, rail firms say that the average increase remains 4.2%. They say it is part of a government policy to increasingly shift the cost of rail from the taxpayer to traveller. Today's are the tenth successive annual fare rises that go beyond inflation - and for some passengers beyond affordability.