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UK theatre producer fears gay play charges could be reopened

A UK theatre producer fears a case in which he was charged over a gay play could yet be reopened. Despite a decision by a court in Uganda to throw out the case, David Cecil believes he could be charged again if the state is able to produce 'more evidence'.

According to officials, the production of The River and the Mountain was performed without authorisation, and Mr Cecil was subsequently arrested for "disobeying lawful orders".

He told ITV News that he was very happy the case had been dismissed in such a short space of time, although he warned that the ruling does not mean charges have been dropped. He said: "Effectively the state could reopen the case against me, with the same charges, if they produce more evidence."

As far as attitudes to gays in Uganda, it only take a minority of extremists to create the impression that the whole society is violently homophobic.

– David Cecil UK theatre producer

If convicted, he faced up to two years in jail, but was bailed for 500,000 shillings. Legislation is being considered by the Ugandan parliament that would increase penalties for homosexual acts. But Mr Cecil added: "In the course of performing and producing the play, we came to realise that people are actually much more open to dialogue about the subject than we otherwise realised."

The play, which was performed at two theatres in the capital Kampala in August, tells the story of a gay businessman killed by his own employees.