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Graduate spends £500 on billboard advert to get media job

An unemployed graduate has used his last £500 on a billboard advert to try and get himself a job.

Twenty-four-year-old Adam Pacitti from the Isle of Wight has applied for 250 jobs in the past three months, before deciding that he needed to do something different to stand out from the crowd.

Adam has a First Class degree in Media Production from the University of Winchester Credit: Adam Pacitti

Adam came up with the idea of creating a website, and paying for a billboard to advertise it just over two months ago, whilst working in an arcade filling up two pence machines.

A graduate from the University of Winchester, Adam has a First Class Degree and experience in the media industry, but despite applying for hundreds of media jobs, he has been unsuccessful.

After spending six hours a day filling in application forms, Adam hopes that this approach may provide him with more success.