1. ITV Report

Quiet and dull start to 2013

Bewl Water reservoir in Kent which is currently at 93% capacity. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

In contrast to the end of 2012, the first weekend in 2013 remains quiet and dull, with no significant weather.

This is all due to a large high that is sitting across the UK. The winds are coming from a mild direction, so temperatures remain above average, by day and by night.

The only difference from hour to hour will be, where the cloud it thick enough it may produce a little rain.

So here's the detail, and it's really a case of spot the difference;

  • Rest of Saturday - cloudy and mild, temperatures hold at 10C.
  • Tonight- cloudy and mild, temperatures hold at 8C.
  • Tomorrow morning- cloudy and mild.
  • Tomorrow afternoon - cloudy and mild, temperatures hold at 10C.

This benign spell of sunless weather remains in place until Wednesday next week when a weather front pushes in and brings a little rain.The legacy of this front will be more to push the rain and stubborn cloud away.

So you may even see the sun come Wednesday afternoon, and into Thursday. With clearer skies will come lower temperatures as well, so enjoy the mild weather right now, if you can!