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Cat 'arrested' for smuggling mobile phone into prison

The cat being held by a prison officer with a mobile phone strapped to its stomach Photo: REUTERS/Superintendent General of Prison Administration

Guards at a prison in Brazil detained a cat after it was found inside the facility with a mobile phone and tiny saw strapped its body.

It is believed that the inmates were using the cat to smuggle contraband into the jail.

The black and white feline was found when it tried to enter the Arapiraca jail in Alagoas state in North Eastern Brazil on December 30.

Officials have just released pictures of the cat being cut free from its illegal outfit as part of their ongoing investigation.

The cat was carrying;

  • A mobile phone
  • A mobile phone charger
  • Three batteries
  • A memory card
  • A drill bit
  • Files/ tiny saws
  • Ear piece

Police believe that the contraband items could have been used by inmates to help them escape or to communicate with criminals outside the jail.

A spokesperson told local newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo that all the facility's 263 prisoners were suspects but that "it will be hard to discover who is responsible since the cat does not speak."

The cat has since been taken to a local rescue centre.