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It's going to get colder

Hoar frost on a bush in Kemble, Gloucestershire, as cold temperatures lead to a frost. Photo: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

If you look up into the sky today, it will tell you what you need to know weather wise for the next forty eight hours. The cloud is stuck under a high, which means nothing really changes until there is a push from an Atlantic weather system (Tuesday night).

So for the rest of Sunday, it remains cloudy, relatively mild with a little drizzle in places. If you are very lucky you may see a hint of something brighter. Highs will reach 9 or 10C.

Monday starts how Sunday finishes; cloudy, poor visibility from very low cloud first thing and a little drizzle at times. There is little change in the forecast for the afternoon, and temperatures will tend to only rise by a degree or so, from early morning lows of 6 to 8C, to highs of 7 to 9C.

Tuesday will be very similar until later in the day, when a band of cloud and rain spreads in from the west. This will leave Wednesday with brightening skies, but probably lower temperatures.

Thursday will be dry with cloud increasing through the day, highs of 8C. We return to rain on Friday and through into the weekend.

The following week is looking colder.