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Killer whales trapped under ice in Canada

A dozen whales are trapped under a vast stretch of sea ice. Photo: EBU

A dozen killer whales have become trapped under a vast stretch of sea ice in Quebec, Canada.

The mammals have gathered around a small single hole in the ice in a desperate bid to get oxygen, according to locals in Inukjuak, which is about 900 miles north of Montreal.

A hunter first spotted the trapped pod on the eastern shore of the Hudson Bay on Tuesday.

Mayor Peter Inukpuk has urged the Canadian government to send an icebreaker to crack open the ice in a bid to help them find open water. Fisheries and Oceans Canada said it is sending officials to assess the situation.

Many villagers made the one-hour snowmobile ride to see the unusual event.

They took pictures and shot video footage of the killer whales surfacing at the opening - and even thrusting themselves skyward while gasping for air.

Villagers took pictures and shot video of the event. Credit: EBU

One woman who made the journey to the gap said a polar bear approached the hole but was shot by a hunter for its meat.

Mayor Inukpuk believes the recent drop in temperature caught the orcas off guard, leaving them boxed in under the ice.