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Missing Moira's remains not found in excavated grave

Police look on as the grave is refilled this afternoon. Photo: Press Association

Police searching a family grave for the remains of missing schoolgirl Moira Anderson have failed to find traces of the missing girl.

The excavation team, who had been hopeful of a breakthrough yesterday, started working this morning to fill in the grave.

Hopes had been high that after 56 years, Moira's family would finally get some answers.

ITV News Correspondent Debi Edward reports from North Lanarkshire:

Moira's sisters were "hugely disappointed" by the news, but detectives leading the investigation vowed to carry on with the investigation. Chief Inspector Kenny McLeod, of Strathclyde Police said:

This is not the closure that the sisters would have wished for but I would like to reiterate that this case is not closed. Despite today's outcome, the case will remain open. Any further lines of inquiry will be fully investigated.

Moira disappeared on the way to a local shop on February 23, 1957. She was last seen on a bus driven by convicted paedophile Alexander Gartshore, according to his daughter Sandra Brown, who believes her late father abducted and killed the school girl, who was 11-years-old when she died.

Police had been investigating the possibility that Gartshore dumped the youngster's remains in the grave of an acquaintance of his named Sinclair Upton.

Moira's sister Janet Hart, who lives in Australia, launched a petition to get the grave exhumed, believing Gartshore might have dumped her body there in the days before Mr Upton was buried.