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Real-life Bambi on ice rescued from frozen lake

A large mule deer that got stranded on an icy lake was rescued by wildlife officials in Colorado, USA.

Rescuers, who also included staff from a Coors brewery, lassoed the animal and were able to drag it across the lake to safety.

The deer tried in vain to scramble off the frozen lake Credit: EBU

Local wildlife expert Jennifer Churchill said the animal had probably wandered onto the frozen lake or was chased there by a predator.

The animal did not appear to suffer any serious injuries in the ordeal.

Rescuers lassoed the animal and dragged it off the ice Credit: EBU

"It took off like a shot, so my officers think it's in good shape, and hopefully it won't come anywhere near the ice again," said Churchill, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife district spokeswoman.