Will Cameron speech satisfy Tory eurosceptics?

David Cameron at the end of the EU leaders summit in Brussels in October, last year. Photo: Sebastian Pirlet / Reuters

It was pencilled in for before Christmas. Then for the New Year.

And the latest betting in Westminster was that the speech was due next week.

But now, finally, we have a date.

David Cameron will set out his vision for Britain's future relationship with the EU on Friday.

He's making the speech on the continent - travelling to the Netherlands to deliver it. An attempt no doubt to reach out to Mr Cameron's European counterparts.

But also the Netherlands is a country in which the Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, has expressed some not dissimilar views on the EU and the need for change.

But as history has shown us, rarely can a Conservative prime minister say enough to satisfy the eurosceptic appetite of some of those on his backbenchers.

This may the start rather than the end of the Prime Minister's European troubles.