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Hostage Alan Wright gives dramatic account of escape from Algerian gas plant

A British worker who was trapped at the Algerian gas Plant when militants attacked has described his dramatic escape.

Alan Wright, 37, of Portsoy in Aberdeenshire, had been working at the In Amenas gas facility for two years and considered it to be one of the safest places to work.

The father of two said he had been playing football with some of the British workers who are still unaccounted for just a few days ago.

Watch his interview with ITV News' Scotland Correspondent Debi Edward:

On the day of the attack, Alan went to work as usual and was not surprised when the power went down since this was a fairly common occurrence.

It was not until he and some Algerian colleagues heard sustained gunfire that they decided to hide in an office.

They then stuck pieces of paper to the windows of the room so the militants could not see inside.

The In Amenas gas plant is surrounded by miles of desert in eastern Algeria Credit: REUTERS/Kjetil Alsvik / Statoil/Handout

After around 24 hours, Alan's Algerian colleagues decided to attempt an escape.

Disguising him as a local worker, they cut a hole in the perimeter fence and ran into the desert.

Eventually they came across some soldiers who Alan initially mistook for militants.

Thankfully they turned out to be Algerian troops who were able to transport them to safety.

Despite the relief of returning to his wife and two children in Aberdeenshire, he said that all of his thoughts are with his colleagues who are still unaccounted for and their families.