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In pictures: Captain Wales at war in Afghanistan

Prince Harry has concluded his four-month tour of Afghanistan, lifting the media blackout on hundreds of pictures and interviews produced during his service.

Prince Harry and a colleague play computer games knowing they could be scrambled to war within seconds. Credit: PA
Harry celebrates a goal. Credit: PA
Prince Harry shows the bed he sleeps in when ready to be sent to the skies. Credit: PA
Harry and a colleague waiting for the call. Credit: PA
When the squadron get the call, soldiers sprint towards their Apache. Credit: PA
The Apache helicopter is readied. Credit: PA
Harry readies his Apache helicopter. Credit: PA
Harry gets to grips with his helicopter. Credit: PA
Harry read to take off. Credit: PA
The Prince surveys his surroundings. Credit: PA
Harry and his crew ready to fly. Credit: PA
Harry and a colleague on a night mission. Credit: PA
An Apache helicopter prepares for takeoff. Credit: PA
Prince Harry and walk across the airfield. Credit: PA
Harry walks by his Apache. Credit: PA
A reluctant Prince Harry gives interviews to journalists at Camp Bastion. Credit: PA
Prince Harry is interviewed by journalists at Camp Bastion. Credit: PA

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