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Beyonce 'lip-synched' national anthem due to 'lack of rehearsal time'

Beyonce "lip-synched" the national anthem at President Obama's inauguration to a pre-recorded backing track because she did not have time to rehearse with the band, the head of the Marine Corps Band confirmed.

Colonel Colburn told NBC News the star had been busy preparing for her performance at the Super Bowl and he agreed with her concern that she did not have enough time to practice with the band.

He said "it looked and sounded like she was singing her heart out," but only Beyonce and the sound engineer knew whether she really was or not.

The band also "created a visual simulation of playing" as cameras were on them but the entire performance was from a recorded track.

Music for the inauguration is always pre-recorded in case of bad weather or extenuating circumstances, such as if it is too cold or the instruments do not work, Colonel Colburn added.