Shock death sentence for British woman in Indonesia

When I talked to Lindsay Sandiford last year she admitted she had known that she was doing something wrong when she took a suitcase from Bangkok to Bali in late May 2012.

However, she claims she didn't know she was carrying drugs.

Sandiford, with her translator, listens to the judge during a trial in Denpasar in Bali Credit: Reuters

She has, in previous months, also alleged that her sons were being threatened with harm if she didn't carry the suitcase.

Today's sentence has come as a shock.

Sandiford weeps as she is told she will face the death sentence Credit: Reuters

The prosecutors had asked for a 15 year sentence. Lindsay Sandiford, through her lawyers, had pleaded for a reduced sentence because after she had been arrested she helped customs and the police set up a 'sting' operation which led them to three other British suspects.

The judge appears to have rejected any calls for leniency.

Appeals against a death sentence could take up to 8 years in Indonesia. That's been the drawn out process in the case of 9 Australians convicted to trafficking heroin in Bali in 2005.

If the death sentence is ever carried out, and there is a question mark over that, then execution is by firing squad in a jungle clearing near a prison on an island known as 'Indonesia's Alcatraz'.