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Boulder hits a house and crashes into the bedroom

A boulder has smashed through the wall of a house and ended up in a bedroom, giving one woman a very unexpected wake up call.

Boulder comes to rest through the bedroom wall Credit: EBU

The drama unfolded in the middle of the night in St George in Utah after the boulder rolled down a steep slope and into the property owned by Scot and Wanda Denhalter.

Scot wasn't home at the time. But neighbours said they could hear his wife screaming after the boulder crashed into her side of the bed.

Despite being injured, she found still managed to call the emergency services.

The damaged bedroom of the couple's property in Utah Credit: EBU

Wanda suffered a fractured sternum. Her husband joked that with her jaw also wired shut, he won't get the full story about what happened for a while.

The boulder demolished an entire corner of the property Credit: EBU

Scot says when they bought the property he warned his wife that something like this could happen as the house was built below a cliff.