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Why ActionAid is backing anti-hunger campaign 'IF' and calling on the G8 to act

A malnourished child is fed a meal in Uganda. Photo: James Akena / Reuters

There is enough food in the world to feed us all, yet every day one in eight people on the planet go to bed hungry. And in the next 10 minutes, 40 children around the world will die of malnutrition.

These are shocking statistics. And even more so when you think that just days ago it was reported that half of all food goes to waste: even more proof, if we needed it, that we live in a world of plenty.

In my home country Ghana, where ActionAid works with some of the neediest, I see evidence of this hunger epidemic with my own eyes. In one region where many go hungry for up to half the year, an ActionAid programme has just supported women to grow soya beans for nutrition.

Adwoa Kwateng-Kluvitse, country director of ActionAid Ghana. Credit: ActionAid

It is very successful, and of course we must help people who are desperate, but we must also ask ourselves: what is going wrong? How do we end this hunger crisis in the long term?

That is why ActionAid is proud to be a part of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign, launched today. We have a great opportunity this year, when our government is head of the G8 to tackle the causes of hunger once and for all.

Firstly we must end landgrabs, when big companies undertake aggressive purchases of huge swathes of land in poor countries for their own purposes, meaning that local farmers are displaced and food crops farmed for fuel, rather than food.

We must stand firm against tax avoidance and ensure governments stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries so much needed resources can be spent on ending hunger.

Finally, the world must keep its promises on international aid. I see the benefit of these vital contributions, and until we live in a world without the kind of want that means children go hungry, we must continue to share our collective wealth.

No one need go hungry. There is enough food to feed us all. That is, IF we make the right choices.

  • Adwoa Kwateng-Kluvitse is the country director of ActionAid Ghana. Her views in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of ITV News.