Davos: Cameron's call on taxes....

Prime Minister David Cameron raised the issue of taxes at the World Economic Forum Photo: Press Assocation

Part of the Prime Minister's message to business leaders in Davos this morning was to question the ethics of those who pay less than might be 'ethical' in tax.

After the rumpus over Starbucks, Google and Amazon, it's not surprising that he wants to be seen to be keeping the pressure up.

But the message may have had some of the great and good of the business world bristling in their comfortable seats.

Yes, many UK companies are irate that others based abroad seem to find a way to cut their tax bills dramatically without breaking the law.

It drives British book sellers for example crazy that Amazon pays more or less nothing in corporation tax.

But there is often a sense that it is simply a bit rich for politicians to rail against aggressive moves to keep tax down when it is Parliament that sets the rules.

While the Prime Minister is telling firms to 'wake up and smell the coffee' on tax, Starbucks and HMRC still haven't worked out a deal on how they'll pay.

I'm told discussions are ongoing, but Starbucks and taxman have not yet agreed how they will pay the £20 million pounds they've offered to.