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Firefighters battle Chicago warehouse blaze in Arctic temperatures

Temperatures reached -20 degrees celsius overnight following the fire Photo: John Gress / Reuters

Around 200 firefighters have been battling flames in sub-zero temperatures after Chicago's largest fire in years.

The five-storey warehouse was transformed into a winter palace as water from fire hoses extinguished the fire and started forming icicles on the outside of the building.

It is thought to be one of the biggest fires Chicago has seen in years Credit: John Gress / Reuters

Freezing temperatures made the firefighters' job tougher, as they struggled with icy ladders and freezing water turning their gloves and clothing solid.

The fire broke out late on Tuesday night and its cause is still being investigated.

Deputy Fire Commissioner John McNicholas said much of the warehouse has collapsed onto itself and that there was a risk of parts of the building falling onto surrounding roads.

Firefighters battled with ice covered ladders and freezing hoses Credit: John Gress / Reuters

The Chicago Fire Commissioner told the Chicago Tribune: "This was a very large fire, unbelievable fire load, a lot of wood, timber, old stuff, varnish. Once it caught, it caught and ran."

Parts of the warehouse collapsed onto itself Credit: Reuters

Temperatures reached -20 degrees Celsius on Tuesday night, with Arctic conditions being recorded across many parts of America.

The freezing conditions made the firefighters' job tougher Credit: Reuters