The Bali prison where a Briton faces the death penalty over drug smuggling

Lindsay Sandiford was sentenced to death on Tuesday Photo: Reuters

Inside Kerobokan Prison, Lindsay Sandiford is sharing cell number 10 with 13 women, the room was only designed to hold three inmates, it's around 10 feet by 8 feet wide.

It's windowless and stinking hot. She has the only proper bed, having paid for better facilities according to another prisoner.

There's not much room to move around; almost all the floor space is taken up by the mats the rest of the women sleep on.

Keeping clean can be a problem, there's just a shared bucket of water for washing with.

Since being sentenced to death on Tuesday, the 56-year-old spends most of her day sleeping and doesn't leave the cell, according to the warders.

Food has to be brought in by family or friends, otherwise it's mostly just soup.

In cell number five, Rachel Dougall, arrested a few days after Lindsay Sandiford was caught at the airport with almost 5 kilos of cocaine in her suitcase last May.

Acting on information then given to the police by Sandiford, officers raided Dougall'shome on Bali and found a small amount of drugs.

She is now serving a year for drug possession, she has always claimed she was set up, telling me "it's a fit up" when I spoke to her shortly after she was detained in police custody.

The two British women being held in neighbouring cells are not talking to each other, according to a fellow inmate.

Rachel Dougall with her translator in court in Denpasar, Bali, in December. Credit: Reuters / Stringer Indonesia

The women are locked in for 14 hours a day.

The cell doors are shut at 5pm and opened at 7am but even then they are not allowed to leave the block. Most mill around in a small, hot, concrete courtyard.

The women's unit is behind high wire fences within an already overcrowded jail.

Bali's Kerobokan Prison has problems with overcrowding Credit: ITV News

They're separated from around 900 male inmates who live in the main area of the prison, which has open spaces, gardens and even a tennis court.

Two prisoners were playing a game this morning, as I walked past.

This is no holiday camp though, the men are as many as 15 to a cell and some have to take turns sleeping.

Only the toughest, or those with enough money, can get 'upgrades': spring mattress beds and even single rooms.

The cramped conditions have sparked frequent riots in the jail; which can be lawless at the best of times, gangs control the prison's drug trade and anything can be obtained, for a price.

Lindsay Sandiford's sister Hilary Parsons is a regular visitor to the prison Credit: ITV News

Lindsay Sandiford's sister, Hilary Parsons, arrived at the prison today, as she has done every day since the trial.

Unlike most visitors who sit on the floor in a communal visiting area just inside the main gates of the prison, she was led though the main yard and then allowed into the women's block.

She shook hands with the guards, and kissed some on the cheek, they are clearly getting to know each other well.

This could be home for Lindsay Sandiford for up to eight years, that's how long appealing against execution in Indonesia can take.

Behind bars on Bali, especially if you are a woman, is a grim, tough experience even for those with a short sentence, but this is life for Lindsay Sandiford, her death row.