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More snow on the way, but a warmer, wetter weekend to follow

Heavy snow followed by rain and warmer temperatures Photo: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

It’s been an eventful and snowy week of weather, heavy snow arrived on Friday and for many it’s continued on and off since then.

A good 80 per cent of the UK was covered in snow by midweek, with the highest snow depth recorded as 30cm at Little Rissington in Gloucestershire.

The lowest temperature was a bitterly cold -12.2 degrees celsius on Tuesday morning in Cambridge, not quite breaking the coldest night of winter -13.4 degrees celsius on 16th January in Marham, Norfolk.

The snow and plummeting temperatures, along with ice have caused travel disruption for many, but delight for others.

This weekend is the weekend of change, we will have a completely different landscape by Sunday.

Gone will be the snow and ice and our green landscape will return, wind and rain will herald the change.

Chart showing snow depths across the UK yesterday Credit: ITV Daybreak

Why this dramatic change to our weather?

The cold European air has been anchored across us for weeks.

For it to go, we will need a barrage of mild air to push in from the west, and this happens through Friday.

The first weather front will push in from the west, as it hits the cold air turning quickly to snow.

The second on Saturday night will bring the final onslaught of mild.

The thaw will set in and the remaining snow will melt away.

What is the forecast for the next few days?


For eastern areas, a cold start with a severe frost for some and freezing fog.

Western areas will see a frost free start with cloud and outbreaks of rain, this will move east bringing snow.

In Western areas it will be mainly rain all day, but falling as snow in Scotland.

By lunch time into Northern England, the evening into the Midlands, and snowing in East Anglia and Southeast England overnight.

Pressure chart for this weekend Credit: ITV Daybreak


It is a dry and bright start across most of the UK.

Be aware of the risk of icy roads and pavements first thing, once the rain and snow mix clears it is still cold enough for a frost, the milder air is starting its battle and it will not be as cold as Friday morning.

A drier day follows with some welcome sunshine.

Temperatures will be less cold in the west but still feeling raw over central and eastern Britain, with highs of three or four Celsius and a cold wind.

Scattered showers will develop, mainly for northwestern areas of England and Wales.

Overnight a band of heavy rain and strong gusty winds will sweep across the UK.

20-40mm of rain is forecast.


Largely frost free for the first time in ages, if it is wet first thing the heavy rain will clear, but the strong winds will remain.

The winds will bring showers, mainly in the west, they will be heavy with hail and thunder.

Temperatures will be back to normal for January and it will feel a lot less cold than it has during the last two weeks.

All this rain and snow melt will give the risk of localised surface water flooding and river level flooding as the ground is still saturated from last year, especially in the southwest.

What about next week?

The outlook remains unsettled with bands of wet and windy weather sweeping across the UK.

Heaviest in the north with gales, but milder with frost free nights.