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The day in pictures - 28th January 2013

Pontresina, Switzerland

This climber took on the challenge of scaling an artificial wall of ice, near the Swiss mountain resort of Pontresina.

A man climbing up an artificially-made wall of ice in Switzerland. Credit: Reuters

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Heavy rain has forced many people from their homes - and seen others left to survey the damage caused to theirs - in north western Saudi Arabia.

A man is reflected in the mirror of his flooded home in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Credit: Reuters

Port Said, Egypt

Thousands of people turned out on the streets of Port Said today, to attend funerals for the latest victims of violence in the Egyptian city. President Mohamed Mursi has declared a state of emergency, after more people were killed at funerals for the 33 who died in riots on Saturday.

Smoke rises from burning tyres as people attend the funerals of Port Said protesters killed in violence on Sunday. Credit: Reuters

Bucharest, Romania

Heavy snowfall has created picturesque scenes in the Romanian capital.

A man walks under an umbrella in a snow-covered park in Bucharest. Credit: Reuters

Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Actor Liam Neeson was given the freedom of his home town today, as many well-wishers came out to welcome him back to Ballymena. He began his career in Belfast's Lyric Theatre, before moving to Dublin, London and then Hollywood.

Liam Neeson is greeted by the mayor of Ballymena, Alderman P J MCAvoy. Credit: PA

Cheshire, England

The village of Bucklow Hill in Cheshire features on the route planned for high speed rail links to cities in the north of England. Detailed routes were unveiled today. The Government says journey times will be cut, but opponents have questioned the environmental impact - and cost.

A cardboard white elephant in a hedge in Cheshire, where the HS2 track will go. Credit: PA

Hyderabad, India

Protesters have clashed with police during a rally in Hyderabad, calling for the establishment of a separate Telangana state, carved out of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Police detain a woman protesting for a separate state in southern India. Credit: Reuters

Tel Aviv, Israel

This paraglider was given a bird's eye view of Israel's Mediterranean coast near the city of Tel Aviv.

A paraglider over the sea near Tel Aviv. Credit: Reuters